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Responsive web design

Websites adapted to all types of devices, for access from anywhere and at any time.

We design our websites with you in mind, fully adapted to your needs and oriented to conversion. They have their own content management system so you can modify texts and photographs yourself, and they are multilingual, translatable into any language. And for everything else, we give you 24/7 support.

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Aesthetic, usable and practical websites

Designs with their own personality, to guarantee differentiation from your competition.

  • Attractive web design

    Your customers are connected at any time and through multiple devices such as mobile, tablet or desktop. Your web design must respond to any of these situations and solve their needs when they need it.

  • More aesthetic design

    Your website must have a strong personality that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. It must offer an image that attracts attention and clearly communicates the brand values of your hotel.

  • Usability

    We develop usable and intuitive websites for the client. Facilitating the interaction and navigation of users on the webs is the key to get more and better bookings.

  • Visual Web

    In the audiovisual world, where images prevail, websites must be visual, with images that quickly capture the user's attention.

  • Own personality

    The web design must be eye-catching, with its own personality, and conveying the image of the hotel. It is important to achieve the greatest possible differentiation from the competition.

  • Optimized Web

    The code and internal hierarchy of our websites are optimized to be search engine friendly, facilitating their indexing. Making it easy for search engines helps our customers to find us.

If you are still not convinced

Some of the reasons why you should hire our web design service...

Custom Websites

We design your website following the guidelines of your corporate identity manual.

365 Support

We offer support and web maintenance 365 days a year.

Content Management System

We include Wordpress as a content management system for your own autonomy in changing the content of the web.


We have a team of professionals who can translate the website into all the languages you need.

Frequently asked questions about our web design service

It depends on the website. A dynamic website can take between 6 and 8 weeks. In each quotation an estimated time is indicated, which will depend on the requirements of each project.
At the beginning you only have to provide us with your logo, pictures and your hotel information. With this, we will make several design proposals, to be approved. In the final phase you will provide us with content for your web page and it will be laid out in the chosen design proposal. After a few days, you will be able to review or ask for changes. If everything is ok, we will publish it on your hosting service.
We develop exclusive and customized designs for each client taking into account their brand identity and customer profile. After the programming and code creation of the website, we implement wordpress as a content management system so that the client can modify the contents of the website with total autonomy, although we carry out the maintenance of the same.
HotelManager offers annual web maintenance service and also the client has access to wordpress as a content manager so you can make changes as appropriate with our support.
Web budgets vary depending on the design, number of internal pages and their programming, desktop, tablet and mobile version. In the development of customized and exclusive websites for each client, budgets range between 2,500 € and 5,000 € approximately.

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